The Dulwich Art Group organises life drawing and painting sessions which are open to people of all abilities.

We run Drop-in Groups and Tutored courses

Each week there are three or more life drawing drop-in sessions where there is no formal tutor and artists are free to pursue their own approach to painting or drawing. However if a student wishes to have guidance or direction there are plenty of members who will offer advice, some of whom are lifelong art educators. Looking over the shoulder of someone who appears to know what they are doing can often be as much education as is required. We also run tutored groups and workshops – scan our regular emails or look on the menus above.

If you’ve been thinking of taking Art Classes or an Art Course these life drawing groups may well support or supplement. As with an Art Course there is a sense of progression, not through any outside agency but through regular and honest application and effort. Making a commitment to oneself to draw seriously just once a week can have benefits that reach beyond the immediate image produced. The neural pathways opened up through observation and mark making can suffuse other areas of ones life and work with creativity – life drawing brings good things!

For Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays we have a single pose which is held for the whole session and often for a week or two thereafter. This will enable you to complete a complex piece of work or several studies. On Wednesday and Saturday we have morning and sometimes also afternoon sessions, (please check). You can come to either the morning session or to both, it’s the same model and pose. On Friday it’s just the one afternoon session.

We have home cooked freshly made refreshments and light lunches available at a modest price. There are model breaks every 20-25 minutes and a longer break for tea or coffee  when we also collect fees. It’s very friendly with plenty of other artists to chat to.

Our studio is well equipped with professional lighting, easels, drawing boards, chairs and we have other materials available for sale,  paper for example is 20p per A1 sheet.

We strongly suggest that you sign up for our email updates where we keep you informed about models and poses and any other issues. We will always notify by email first.

Drop-in groups  run throughout the summer, indeed, unless this page says otherwise we are open, just drop in on a Saturday, Wednesday, or Friday and you will be welcome.

Learning – Tutored Courses

We have tutored groups where you can learn to draw and paint with experts. We give a great deal of thought to making sure your learning experience is positive and we understand that we all have our own way of progressing.

Introduction to Life Drawing

On Thursday evenings we run a group from 7.30-9.30pm. It provides a short demonstration and personal tuition around the room. There are a series of shorter poses, ending with 10-15 minute poses. We recommend that absolute beginners start with this one. It requires a commitment of at least six sessions out of every twelve week quarter. More here

Mass drawing and oil painting with Alex Tzavaras

Local professional artist Alex teaches his rigorous process, an excellent introduction to oil painting for those who benefit from a structured approach with clearly defined steps. During term times this runs all day Tuesday 10.00am-4.00pm and then for those afflicted with full time employment 7.00pm-9.30pm. 12 week terms. More here

Portrait painting with Alex Tzavaras

Alex is a very fine portrait painter and during this 12 week course he will introduce us to the art of portraiture in oils. This course is more suited to those who are experienced in oil painting.  Wednesday evenings, 12 week terms. More here

Oil Painting – Representation Colour and Seeing with Clare Haward

Clare Haward, whose still lives and landscapes are treasured by collectors around the world teaches the art of oil painting. Whilst working in a group she is very focused on the individual artist, setting personal challenges and supporting you in developing your own unique statement. Mondays 10.00am – 4.00pm and then 7.00pm – 9.30pm  12 week terms but you can buy six out of the twelve sessions for extra flexibility. More here

Landscape Painting with David Sawyer

David is a life-long landscape painter with a huge depth of experience which he shares with generosity and humility.  He works en plein air and in the studio and his teaching is gentle but targeted. He runs a landscape painting course on Thursdays, either on location or in the studio depending upon the climatics. 10.00am – 4.00pm, 11 or twelve week terms. More here

A Painting House Party in Herefordshire.

Join the annual Dulwich Art Group painting holiday during the first week in September in beautiful Abbey Dore in rural Herefordshire. A full programme of landscape painting ‘en plein air’ with a life model thrown in for mornings and emergencies. Clare Haward will take the plein air workshops and the holiday will be run as a house party hosted by Alison and Simon with all of us sharing meals (cooked by private chef Mathew.) More here

Yoga for Artists

Sustained painting and drawing can actually be quite physically demanding  so if you’d like to restore balance to your physical frame come along on Sunday mornings for Abigail’s Yoga for Artists. Yoga brings about well being in mind and body and leaves you feeling renewed and positive. Beginners welcome along with the more experienced.