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via Instagram Painting on the Southbank with @djsawyerrba and the Dulwich Art Group on a perfect midsummer’s day. Setting up in one of the busiest places in the world was daunting but with David’s support we all had fun and coped with the crowds and were rewarded with strong light and kind words from passers by. Thanks David.
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via Instagram Coco the greyhound is looking forward to her painting holiday in Hereford this September. She gets the ridiculously large master bedroom (unless someone else wants it) and is hopeful she’ll make friends with the new chef @isabelhoodnutrition

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via Instagram Framing still to be done but at least we have a new sign! The handsome fellow looking relaxed in front of it is Cristian who made light work of putting it up. Early start for some of us tomorrow as we configure our studio for our biggest show yet. It’s going to be a cracker.

via Instagram Another clever solution to carrying wet panels thanks to Phil Burry. Two pegs glued together with a spacer. Simple and effective.

via Instagram New colours for today’s plein air course with David Sawyer. The sap green is really useful, cold green without the psychotic tendencies of pthalo green.

via Instagram @alex_tzavaras busy teaching today. Painting from casts is a good way to learn about shape, proportion and value. Alex keeps his students on a restricted palette, maybe just three tones to keep things simple while the important structures are established.

via Instagram Its a beautiful day for plein air.. indoors!
David Sawyer taking us through the steps of structuring a plein air painting using a video sequence of Margate Harbour as source. Its warm inside with no fear of the rain and a potato and beetroot gratin is scenting the air as we anticipate lunch.
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via Instagram Delia says four hours, should be done just in time for our Christmas party at our studio today. Don’t worry vegetarians, hazel is cooking a super deluxe nut roast thing in a separate oven for you.