Sophie at 5 Months

Sophie, with child was kind enough to model for us. She’s promised to come back when she is nearing full term, something to look forward to. Here are some of the images produced – dreadful quality I’m afraid, just snapped on my phone.

Sophie – our expectant model!

We have an exciting opportunity to paint or draw a pregnant model! Sophie who is a gymnast, is currently 5 months pregnant and is posing for us on the one occasion on Wednesday 20th April.

This booking has created a lot of excitement because of its rarity.


We hope lots of  you will be there with us!


Current pose

Here’s where my painting has got to after the first session. You can see it’s quite an unusual pose, which looks uncomfortable but Alexia maintains it without effort. We’ve got some orange silk drapes hanging behind which is fun after the cold tones of the scout hut that we’re used to.

Up and running


We are up and running from Wednesday next week 30th March.

The fabulous Alexia Nuscis – Flamenco dancer, dance teacher and photographer, and superb model.  Alexia has all the flair and romance of a Flamenco dancer in her poses and is wonderful to draw or paint.



New Wednesday Afternoon Group

New Wednesday Afternoon Group

After lots of conversations with members far and wide, Simon and I have created a new Wednesday afternoon Painting and Drawing Group at the Sea Scout Hut. The intention is to run 3 session poses usually with a life model, and to experiment with new formats with both shorter and longer poses.

The new Group will be called the Dulwich Art Group, which has greater resonance with the locality where we find ourselves, and should help to attract new members who live in the area.

The sessions start at 12.30pm and run until 3.30pm. This allows most parents collecting children from school to fit in our club sessions.

Looking forward to seeing you all