David Sawyer Masterclass 2nd February

Date 2nd February 2019
Location 4A Champion Hill SE5 8AH
Time 2.15pm – 5.00pm

Watching David work is always an inspiration, he achieves so much so quickly and with great economy. So we’re lucky that he has agreed to give a masterclass for us on Saturday the 2nd February from 2.15pm – 5.00pm. He will be creating a landscape painting much as he would en plein air but using visual reference material, including video. He will explain what he is doing as he goes along and will of course answer questions. This is a demonstration and a chance to observe rather than a participatory event, so no need to bring your paints although a notebook might be handy to gather up the pearls as they are cast before us.

We want as many people to see David paint as possible so we are making no charge for this event – its free!

We will be providing tea and cake for which there is a nominal £1 charge


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