Sunday – Yoga for Artists

Sunday 10.00am-11.00am

Mixed abilities from beginner to the more experienced

Yoga at the simplest level is movement and positions that strengthen the body, enhancing health and well being. It is an ancient practice that has particular relevance in our modern lives where our consciousness is increasingly focused outside our bodies.

The practice of yoga seems to connect mind and body in a most satisfactory way. Practitioners report greater strength, energy and flexibility and experience mood enhancement.


Abigail has trained in Hatha Yoga and will take absolute beginners through the basics in a series of gentle exercises. If you’ve practised some yoga you’ll know that many of the postures have variations to make them easier for beginners or more challenging for the experienced. Abigail has worked with old and young and knows how to tailor the class so that everyone benefits at the level they are at.

For artists it is useful to know that our creative energy is not separate from our primal energy. Our bodies tend to hold energy in places where injury, physical or emotional, has occurred. Yoga opens up these areas releasing the energy allowing it to suffuse our being. This leads to Truth, Consciousness and Bliss, an ideal condition to approach the creative arts from.

The sessions will usually include a series of positions or ‘asanas’ followed by a period of stillness or guided meditation.

Loose clothing should be worn and if you have a yoga mat, bring it although a bath towel would suffice if you just want to give it a go. Feet are usually bare.

Cost £5

If you are coming along it would help Abigail to know ahead so could you drop her an email here: