Thursday Young Artist’s Group

Young-ArtistsPainting and Drawing for the Young Artist with the Dulwich Art Group

After school art club for children ages 7-11

We’re currently running this by request – if you have a group of children who want to learn about drawing and painting, let us know.

At the Dulwich Art Group, 4A Champion Hill, SE5 8AH

All children are artists. Give them the right stimulation, some good materials and they are off. Seeing what other children do around them and being shown new ways of image making helps them to explore their own visual responses to the world around them and to gain useful new skills as they go.

  • Drawing in pencil, crayon, ink, pastel
  • Painting in watercolour, tempera and acrylic.
  • Mixed media and collage
  • Print making
  • Drawing and painting from life and the interior world

By nurturing a child’s natural creativity we also help them to develop life tools that will bring rewards throughout their lives:

  • Spontaneous problem solving,
  • Having the confidence to speak with their own voice,
  • An enduring love of visual beauty which informs all that they do
  • An inner sense of ‘rightness’,
  • The ability to sustain attention
  • Developing a process from observation to action.
  • The freedom to drop redundant approaches and move on
  • Maintaining ‘play’ as a relevant mental structure into maturity

At the Dulwich Art Group we believe that a combination of demonstration, explanation and personal exploration are the keys to learning in the visual arts and that learning to see is the central component.

Over the term children will be introduced to drawing and painting from life and imagination in a variety of media. They will begin to develop the craft skills required to show others what they have seen. They will be encouraged to reflect upon and talk about what they have produced. They will have a great deal of fun in a safe and purposeful atmosphere and will produce work that will support them in applications to secondary school.

We will also invite you, the parent or carer to join in with the children and paint and draw with them.  Working closely with children can benefit the adult as much as the child.

  • Healthy refreshments will be provided.
  • All materials provided
  • Protective clothing available


Cost is £15 per session. You can ring Alison on 07968 063523 to discuss details.