Summer Term 23rd April – 16th July
Half term 28th May

7.30 – 9.30pm

This life drawing group is for anyone serious about getting better at drawing whether you are a complete beginner or wanting to improve on what you’ve got. It attracts people of all ages and stages. We work from the nude human figure and start with short poses and end with a couple of ten or fifteen minute ones.

Experience shows that most of our disasters happen early on in the drawing. What we need are many beginnings, repeatedly and quickly blocking out a figure drawing really trains the eye and brings bad habits into sharp focus. Yes we push ourselves but it is also immensely good fun and progress is made.

We usually have a demonstration early on in the evening which will introduce a technique or key concept. For beginners this can form the structure for progressive learning, for the more experienced it’s always good to be reminded or just to dust down old skills.

How we teach

We introduce attendees to several different approaches to capturing the figure including blind contour, gestural, schematic, and provide the tools for proportional drawing. It seems that most of us find one approach suits us better than the others and we encourage people to notice what works best for them and go with it. (The rigour of analytical drawing cannot be fully embedded in a short course like this but at least there will be an awareness of the method so that one can subsequently choose to follow it if desired.)

We demonstrate so you can see an artist tackling a problem and learn visually and we also talk to you individually to support you as you assimilate what has been shown and discussed.

We learn to draw mostly through practice, after attending this course you will have the understanding to be able to practice with purpose, to make sure that your efforts are directed effectively towards mastery.

There are three terms each year

What students are saying about this course:

“I just wanted to email to say thank you for the introduction to life drawing classes this term. It was my first time drawing since I was at school, but I really enjoyed the whole experience — despite perhaps needing a bit more practice! The atmosphere you create is very welcoming and there is no pressure, despite the fact I had no experience.”

Course fees

The term cost is £75, which allows you to attend any six of the twelve sessions offered. If you choose to come to more than six in any quarter you can pay on an ad hoc basis at £15 per session. If you’d like to sign up for the whole 12 week block, be our guest for £120. Unused sessions are not transferable to the subsequent terms so please plan your time effectively. Nor do we offer refunds, if you want to get to know us we run at least three drop-in events each week where we welcome newcomers.

Registration & Payment

You can secure your place on the course by completing the booking process below and paying the £50 deposit or full course amount.

Additional information

Paper is 20p per sheet, we use an honesty system which works particularly well if people are, er, honest. Please make sure that you put 20p for each A1 sheet taken into the honesty pot which is in the drawer beside the paper. Be reassured the same paper will cost you at least twice that in an art shop. We have scruffy pencils and charcoal for free or you can buy new ones from our Art Shoplet at reasonable prices. Easels. drawing boards and chairs all plentiful.