Thursdays – Landscape Painting with David Sawyer

Thursdays 10.00am-4.00pm
Summer Term 19th April – 12th July 2018
Half term 31st May

  • Learn reliable methods for describing landscape in oil
  • Paint in the comfort of the studio from location videos when the weather is poor.
  • Work out doors ‘en plein air’ when the weather is agreeable
  • Build the skills you’ll need for competent landscape painting this summer

Many artists agree that landscape painting is best done in front of your subject in the great outdoors. The work tends to have a freshness and urgency that is hard to recreate when working from photographs. But what do you do if you live in England and the weather is less than ideal?

David Sawyer uses video loops of locations playing on our large studio monitor. You can learn how to capture the scene as the light shifts and the pedestrians pass by just as you would en plein air but without having to worry about the rain, your easel being blown over or having your extremities frozen.

The teaching remains the same and when the weather is suitable we will venture out, to paint the same scenes or to choose new ones.

David Sawyer is a much celebrated landscape artist with a no-nonsense approach

David Sawyer has been working as a fine artist since he left Canterbury College of Art in the eighties. During that time he’s won many awards and gained plenty of attention. His work often includes architectural motifs which he renders seemingly effortlessly in his impressionistic style. More recently he has been teaching and students appreciate his uncomplicated and direct method and the generous way in which he shares his knowledge. As a seasoned professional he knows every angle of painting and most importantly he knows where to expend his time and energy in order to get his image.

His teaching style is gentle and patient. For beginners he will set them clear tasks with a progressive step by step approach. For the more experienced artist he will allow you to get on and then when the direction is clear discuss your work with you and support you in your objectives. It’s these quiet chats with an expert that can make all the difference.

David usually paints ‘en plein air’, (outdoors in front of his subject) but will often bring initial studies back to the studio along with sketches and photographs in order to work up a larger or more resolved painting.

During this course we will be looking at this dimension of landscape painting, there will be forays out on sunny days and we will learn how to gather the imagery we need to work from back in the studio. When the weather is poor we will work from video loops on the studio monitor. These will be of chosen locations to help us to interpret a moving scene along with the shifting light, traffic and pedestrians. This will also help us continue with work started on location or to set up a painting that is subsequently completed on location.

We will work mostly in oils and David will cover technical areas like preparing canvases, choice of mediums, supports and all the practicalities of oil painting.  With individual support he will demonstrate and guide us through our paintings covering areas like composition and use of colour.

This course is for mixed ability students, David will work with you personally from where you find yourself and as such will be valuable for accomplished painters and beginners alike.

There will be some outlay on equipment so if you are a beginner either talk to David first or hold off buying your equipment until after the first week, we can lend you equipment for the first session.

The fees for the course are:

12 weeks day class : £595
6 weeks class: £350

If choosing six weeks

Concessions may be available upon request.

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