Masterclass in reportage illustration with George Butler

Sunday TBA
£45 to include lunch

George is a celebrated reportage artist, scratching away in his drawing book whilst the bombs explode around him. Seriously. We can’t guarantee bombs but getting out and about in Ruskin park will be scary enough for many of us. He’ll show us his practical methods with ink and inspire us to work the narrative of any scene before us. Essential for anyone wanting to create powerful images that tell a story.

George will spend the morning demonstrating the practicalities of what he does and encouraging us in his favoured medium. He works in ink and uses a variety of implements to make the marks, from ink pens to sponges and lollipop sticks all of which keeps the work looking edgy. Ink provides the immediacy and speed he requires to grab the moment.

We will have lunch in the studio and then head out, sketchbooks in hand to practice what we have learned. George will work alongside us and support us individually as we draw a visual story from what we find in Ruskin Park. Ok, it’s not Syria, but the principles of concentrating on the key motifs for maximum impact remain the same.

Personally, I’ve always struggled with wandering around with a sketch book in hand, wanting to be filling it with pithy images but actually feeling rather self conscious. George is the remedy for this, he will fill us with purpose and transmit his excitement for the subject. Bring it on.

Tea will be on offer back at the studio where we can review what we have learned.

George Butler Repotage Illustrator Streets of Paris

We will provide some materials but you may want to bring your own drawing book and as pens are very personal you may wish to acquire some like this too.