Thursday Plein Air Painting – Clare Haward

12 weeks studio and location.

20th April – 13th July 2017
Half term 1st June

The sun is strong upon your brow, the peppery spring air fills your lungs, and God’s creation lies before you, shimmering with light and colour, waiting for you to lift your brush. Plein Air painting, in its ideal form, is a romantic activity where we combine a love of the great outdoors with the joy of painting. As with all artistic disciplines plein air painting has it’s own set of insights and blind alleys best navigated with the help of a competent professional.

Clare Haward is an avid plein air painter, she has painted in all environments, from the searing Middle Eastern sun to the bitter winds of an English spring. Her work is filled with mystery and nuance, deceptively simple yet profound, the result of acute observation and honest recording. She is a painter’s painter and her work is highly sought after, hanging in collections around the world.

She is insistent that landscape painting is largely observational and best undertaken in situ. Unphased by the vagaries of the English climate she will head out in all weathers as the opportunity presents itself.

In this course she will share with us the practicalities of making a painting when battling the elements along with the skills required to turn an encounter with the universe into an image that carries a sense of the experience.

Working both in the studio and on location Clare will demonstrate and explain the way forward with:

  • The palette – exploring colours and mixing
  • The workflow – how to process the painting given the time limitations
  • Surfaces – finding what works for you, 
  • Equipment – which easel, brushes, backpacks,  lunch packs and so on.
  • The composition – what is your picture about – what is paintable?
  • Using a viewfinder to find abstraction.
  • Shapes, edges, colour relationships – where is the drama?
  • The history – all art builds on what went before, what can we learn from the masters?

Clare works very closely with her students and frames her teaching with a series of questions. She is not prescriptive, indeed one of the marks of her teaching is that her students work always looks unique to them. You will be encouraged to find your own solutions to the problems of image making and in so doing grow as an artist.

Usually we will begin in the studio with demonstration, discussion and practice and when appropriate will venture out to Ruskin Park – across the road or Brockwell Park just a couple of bus stops away or even just in the street outside the studio. Lunch will either be taken together in the studio or we’ll take packed lunches and picnic where we are.

This is a twelve week course which should get you up and running as a landscape painter or will bring edge to your work if already practicing.

Course fees

Fees for the 12 week term will be £450 for full days.
6 weeks out of the twelve £300

If you’d like to talk to Clare about any aspect of this course please email her directly on or ring the Dulwich Art Group on 0770 4450 169.

To register fill in form here.