Saturday Morning Live Stream Life Drawing & Painting

Alys by Jackdaw

Saturday Live Stream Life Drawing and Painting


This has always been a drop-in class and will be again, but in the meantime, we are running this weekly class as a live stream online art class open to all. 

Long pose life painting and drawing. Usually the same pose held for three weeks so that you can produce a sustained piece. It’s untutored so you’ll be left to get on with it yourself although advice is always available. Talking to other artists will usually bring the objectivity required to discern the next step.

Details below are for our drop-in class and adjustments will be made for the live stream online class.

Our studio is well equipped with lights, easels , drawing boards and you can buy paper (eg:20p per A1) or pencils and charcoal. If you’re painting, bring your own materials. We do have student quality canvases for sale in emergencies. Solvents must be taken away with you and please, no turps, try Zestit or Sansodour for mixing and white spirit to clean your brushes. There is water and usually a disreputable looking beaker for watercolourists.

Some particulars

We work hard to provide the best professional models for you, they are valuable to us and we put their welfare first. Holding a pose for protracted periods is difficult and often painful; inevitably the body moves. We try to maintain consistency but we have to afford the model some leeway, in all cases models will make small movements to maintain circulation. The organiser will periodically ask the artists if they are happy with the pose and that is the time to make observations. In a life group, the convention is that only the organiser talks to the model when in pose so please address comments to them.

As we sometimes become busy it’s best to turn up a few minutes early so that everyone can get organised before we start. This is particularly important if you wish to continue with work from the previous week, it’s a drop-in so we don’t save your spot!

You’ll find that we have markings on the floor which will guide you to where you can place yourself, please talk to the organisers if you are unsure.

If you are joining half way through a pose, find a spot and set up but be flexible until the start of the group, eg 10.00am on Saturdays, to allow those with something on their canvas to return to their spot. After 10.00am no claims can be made so you’ll be fine.

Most of us are serious about our painting so we appreciate purposeful silence whilst we are working (other than the classical music we usually play). There are regular breaks for the model and a longer break half way through for coffee where you are free to chat but other than that we focus on painting or drawing.

We’d all like our own model in our own studio but in a drop-in group we are sharing our resources so that we all get the best value. Please consider those around you, make sure you are not obscuring their view, extend them little courtesies and things will tick along nicely.

(Many of our models are available for private gigs, so if you do want a private model have a chat with them)


It costs £15 for a single three hour session.