Secret Charter – postcard painting exhibition

The Charter School (North Dulwich), a fantastic, inclusive, state secondary school in Dulwich, South London, under the current government funding deal, faces losing half a million pounds over the next few years.

Secret Charter has been conceived, with the approval of The Friends of The Charter School, to highlight this issue and with the aim of raising at least £15,000 to support specific Arts projects at the school and allow students to continue to experience what is currently being offered by the wonderful Arts departments at the Charter. A refurbishment of their photographic dark room, is for example, on their wish list.

The Secret Charter postcard sale will be held at the end of October. We need a minimum of 400 postcards to meet the fund-raising goal. We’re recruiting artists, designers, illustrators and high profile personalities to support the event and make it as successful as possible.

We want the event to be accessible, therefore, each card will be sold for an affordable price and ‘the secret’ will be that the cards will be anonymous. While buyers will have seen and chosen a postcard, they won’t know whose work they’ve bought until after they have purchased the postcard. It will be a big event held in a beautiful venue in Dulwich.

We include a card for you to get creative on. A stamped addressed envelope is enclosed. On the back of the card we ask you to sign and print your name and use a pencilled arrow to indicate which way up the card should be viewed. Please return your card to us by 30th June.

Should you wish to do more than one card please use the card as a template to cut (A6 size 148mm x 105mm). If you wish to use your own card please return the blank water colour card for us to reuse.

We would like to include a very short ‘bio’ of our artists in our information to give to your buyer (after they have purchased your card). Please do send a couple of lines abour you and/or your work and inspiration (eg. “Laura Stephens, local Dulwich artist, architect, or, “Laura Stephens, Royal Academy artist and textile designer”).

Finally, we would like to publicise the event and support all of our participating artists by promoting you and your work through social media, marketing, press releases and advertising. We would like to include an image of your work (but not your postcard!) and mention your name and the bio information you supply in our promotion of the event and ask that you can confirm that you are happy for us to do so on the permission slip below and email us an image of your work that you would be happy for us to include.

Your donation will make a direct contribution to children’s educational experiences as we continue to try and ensure their access to a full creative education. We will promote all the artists we use through our social media and marketing.

If you have any questions at all please contact us at or call 07970072525. Please follow us on Instagram our account @secretcharter and facebook @secretcharter page.



I give permission for ‘Secret Charter’ to include my name, biography info below and the image (emailed) for promotion of the Secret Charter postcard sale fundraising event. 


Signature:_____________________ Date:________________


My mini ‘biography’ is: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ and I have signed and printed my name on the back of my postcard.