Thursdays 10.00am-4.00pm

Summer Term 23rd April – 16th July
Half term 28th May

This course will teach you how to paint in oils and how to accomplish finished paintings in the studio and outdoors when weather permits. It is particularly suitable for those who are excited by landscape and architecture whilst of course much of what is taught is universally applicable to any genre of painting.

Working with a successful and acclaimed artist brings huge benefits, David cuts right to the chase, he knows what works and where to spend the time.

You will:

  • Learn to paint in oils
  • Practice observational painting from still life and landscape
  • Benefit from the practical experience of a celebrated artist
  • Gain essential studio skills for painting from reference or life
  • Learn to paint quickly and effectively – ideal for landscape painting
  • Work out doors ‘en plein air’ when the weather is agreeable
David Sawyer is a much celebrated landscape artist with a no-nonsense approach.

About David

David Sawyer has been working as a fine artist since he left Canterbury College of Art in the eighties. During that time he’s won many awards and gained plenty of attention. His work often includes architectural motifs which he renders seemingly effortlessly in his impressionistic style. More recently he has been teaching and students appreciate his uncomplicated and direct method and the generous way in which he shares his knowledge. As a seasoned professional he knows every angle of painting and most importantly he knows where to expend his time and energy in order to get his image.

His teaching style is gentle and patient. For beginners he will set them clear tasks with a progressive step by step approach. For the more experienced artist he will allow you to get on and then when the direction is clear discuss your work with you and support you in your objectives. It’s these quiet chats with an expert that can make all the difference.

Working from a video of a landscape to gain the skills for plein air painting

About the course

This course can be taken as a whole or as a series of modules. Each module lasts for three weeks and covers different aspects of painting. The plan for each day is for the morning to involve demonstrations, tutorials & painting exercises and then after lunch we will work on a larger piece – carrying on the painting for three weeks to complete the module.

Module 1 – Composition and Design, 9th January – 23rd January

Module 2 – Values & Tonal Painting, 30th January- 13th February

Module 3 – Colours & Colour theory, 27th February – 12th March

Module 4 – Mark Making and Edge Control, 19th March – 2nd April

What students say about David’s course:

David is a terrific teacher, encouraging and very helpful.  I love the way that besides supporting the group in improving their work, he paints alongside them. I found it inspirational to watch his unique and wonderful skills and technique in action. When the weather is too bad to paint en plein air, he provides excellent material to paint from in the form of real-time videos of interesting scenes and the changing weather. ” Rosemary Clark

“David is an excellent teacher: sensitive, perceptive, detailed, always ready to comment on your personal methods and results rather than expecting you to adopt his way of seeing and painting.” John Knepler

The more I paint with David the more value I get from it. Sometimes I learn from watching him and sometimes he says one or two words which drop like pebbles of wisdom into my pool of ignorance, enlightening as they go.” Recent student

Course fees

  • 12 weeks day class : £600 – best value for you
  • 6 weeks day class: £350 – you choose which days to come
  • 3 week module £180 – choose the modules that are right for you

Registration & Payment

You can secure your place on the course by completing the booking process below and paying the £50 deposit or full course payment.

David Sawyer – Tooting Snappers

There will be some outlay on equipment so if you are a beginner either talk to David first or hold off buying your equipment until after the first week, we can lend you equipment for the first session.