Tuesdays and Wednesdays – Portraiture with Alex Tzavaras

Drawing and Painting Portraits from Life

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Tuesdays or Wednesdays 7.00pm-9.30pm for twelve weeks
Autumn Term 10th/11th September – 3rd/4th December
Half term 22nd/23rd October
Tutor: Alex Tzavaras

Learning portraiture in oil paint with an expert. Alex’ course is progressive, if you haven’t painted with him before the beginners portraiture is on Tuesdays.

Alex Tzavaras is one the most compelling portrait artists working today. He unerringly gets a likeness and always works with precision and style. Whilst he is exceptionally talented he does follow a very clear set of steps in order to arrive at his finished images. Unlike many artists who get great results without really knowing how, Alex is explicit; he can show you how he paints and explain why it works.

This is a workshop for artists with some experience in oil painting, working alongside Alex the way students would have done in a traditional atelier. Starting with anatomical markers to work out the proportions of the face and head you will learn how to recognise the planes of the head and using tonal values you will model its form. There will be an introduction to the principles of colour temperature for students who wish to progress on to the use of colour.

The course is divided into two sessions. Tuesday is for those new to Alex’ way of working. The essentials of Alex’ method will be learnt using still life and casts before progressing on to a live sitter.

Wednesday is for those familiar with Alex’ method who want to refine and improve from a living model. On both evenings what is taught remains the same.

Whilst all abilities are welcome it is clear that you will gain much more from this course if you have a working competency in drawing from life. Similarly you will be working with oil paint and if you understand the principles and practices of this medium you will be able to devote your time to nailing the likeness rather than working out why you are swimming in a sea of mud!

If you are not sure if this would be a good fit for you email us a couple of images of your work and Alex will suggest the best next steps for you to take.

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This course is progressive. It is suggested that students start on Tuesdays and move on to Wednesdays as they learn.

The course fee is £350. If you’d like to attend this course please fill in the form below and pay a £50 deposit.


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