Bad Drawing Group

Mondays 7.00-8.30pm on Zoom

Making an art out of bad drawing

  • Do you get bored with your work having to look like ‘art’?
  • Have you been put off drawing because you think you lack the skills?
  • Are you suspicious about being told the ‘right’ way to draw?

The starting point for this group is that we are all rubbish at drawing, even if we’ve been doing it for ages. From there we proceed with freedom, enjoying the journey with no investment in the outcome.

What will we do?

We will work from a nude life model. We will set visual tasks which may result in altering the surface upon which we are working with implements like pencils, crayons or charcoal but which may also include gravy, soap or tea leaves. We will actively engage our playful, childish essence and remove the tired folds of our grown-up carapace. This is a dance like no-one is watching type of class which will bring you to your creative centre and help you value the way in which your body makes pictures noticing the unique way in which you see.

Slay the dragon of self-judgement

It’s a paradox that we need to have good judgement for so much of what we do in life and yet that organ of judgement, when turned against ourselves,  is a stern gatekeeper to the land of creativity and play. Good judgement or a sense of ‘rightness’ is a way we decide if something is good or bad based around how similar it is to other good or bad things that we know. The trouble is that when we are being creative, we are making things that are new and don’t look or feel like anything that we know – and so our alarm goes off!


Artists will often have mechanisms for transcending this aspect of mind, pathways they have learned, for many it’s a few warm up sketches at the beginning of a session for others it may be their entire lifestyles, either way we all need something to get us into the zone.

With the Bad Drawing Group we acknowledge our Inner Judge, agree with it that what we are doing is dreadful, laugh, toss our heads and carry on. The Inner Judge is honoured and allows us to play.


Each week we will suggest silly things to do, our model will adopt non classical poses, we’ll have music, some of us may open a bottle but we’ll all have fun.

We will be encouraged to show our work, to comment on each others and see who has done the baddest drawing of all.

To draw with us you’ll need something to draw with, charcoal, pencils, pastels, biro, pen, brush and ink- you choose. And some paper, could be a nice new drawing book or some old newspaper, cardboard or wrapping paper. If you like working on the floor that’s cool otherwise you may need a drawing board or table that you can look at whilst looking at your screen.

We use Zoom to deliver this group, this may change as we move on from Covid19. Find out more here about how our live Zoom sessions work.

Vanya Marinova said about this session: “We were given the task to go on pure instinct (“Trust your feelings, Skywalker!” stayed with me for quite a while), instead of leaning on what was learnt. “Vanya, you are drawing like a child” was the feedback I got from Simon about my #1, and it felt like the best thing I have heard about my artist self. Because children do not come from a place of “right” and “wrong”. All they know and care about is Enjoyment. And so it should be, whenever creativity is concerned. Thank you for this lovely experience, Everyone!

Kate Langley says “Last night was my first Fast Drawing Class @dulwichartgroup – and what a rollercoaster it was!
We were told to use our left hand to apply a wash of watercolour or ink to suggest contours, then use our right hand to define areas with pen, charcoal etc. Oh, did I mention the model moved (albeit slowly) all the time??! So, if you click through the 6 sketches you’ll probably think I was at some sort of orgy/depicting the ascent of (wo) Man/ at a murder scene or meeting Quasimodo!!

At first I hated it – I am too competitive – but gradually hysteria set in and it was soo liberating, in a mad way! “



It costs £8 for a session

£5 if you are a student. Email us at, convince us you’re a student and get your discount code.  


Draw Badder to be Better!