Masterclass in Landscape Painting with David Sawyer

David Sawyer – Summer Light, King’s Parade, King’s College Oxford
  • Sunday the 5th January
  • 2.00pm – 5.00pm
  • Refreshments available

David Sawyer is a landscape painter at the top of his game. His paintings hang in collections around the world and he has recently caught the attention of the Prince of Wales, working as the official painter to the Royal Tour of the Caribbean

Watching David work is always an inspiration, he achieves so much so quickly and with great economy. He is a practical, working artist who has supported himself as a painter since leaving art college. When you watch how he works you will benefit from his years of experience painting in and around Europe and the UK. He knows how much to pull from the scene, where to put the focus and where to let the eye do the work. The sort of stuff you either spend a lifetime working out for yourself or you learn from a fellow journeyman.

We’re lucky that he has agreed to give a masterclass for us on Sunday the 5th January from 2.00pm – 5.00pm. He will be creating a landscape painting much as he would en plein air but using visual reference material, including video. He will explain what he is doing as he goes along and will of course answer questions. This is a demonstration and a chance to observe rather than a participatory event, so no need to bring your paints although a notebook might be handy to gather up the pearls as they are cast before us.

A demonstration piece painted by David Sawyer in France

David’s work is instantly recognisable, his rich colours and lyrical marks are his own but the principles he adheres to when he paints are universal. We may be familiar with some of the process he will discuss but when we see how it how it applies to what he is doing it all makes so much more sense to us as painters.

Even if we are not painters, watching a true expert doing what they do best is a hypnotic and riveting experience. The last time David demonstrated for us he held the room in thrall with many of us forgetting to breathe.

If you are joining David on his Landscape course on Thursdays in 2020 then this is a good way of priming yourself and if you are thinking about coming and painting with him in the Spring in Provence this will be a chance to meet him.

We want as many people to see David paint as possible so we are only charging a nominal £5 for this event.