Intermediate Life Drawing

Summer Term – Intermediate Life Drawing

Thursdays ~ 6.30pm – 8.30pm

22nd April – 22July
Half term 3rd June

We are delivering this class with Zoom. Zoom is excellent for this kind of learning, you get to fill your screen with the model when you are drawing and see what the tutor is demonstrating when you choose.  We use professional cameras and lighting in a purpose built studio to give you a good experience. 

This term is a continuation from the Autumn starters class and looks at more sophisticated ways of rendering the figure, it is a group is for artists who have done some life drawing and want to improve through practice, demonstration, tuition and critique.

Working from a live nude model via Zoom, you will be taken through a range of concepts and methods which will really bring focus to your work.

  • Tonal drawing, where we describe form by observing the relative lightness and darkness of our subject, is central to this course.
  • We cover strategies for dealing with challenges such as proportion, perspective and foreshortening.
  • An understanding of anatomy really helps to bring clarity to figure drawing so we’ll be raising awareness of body structure.
  • Heads, hands and feet are looked at individually, understanding what’s going on makes things easier to draw.

If you’ve started off with our Introduction to Life Drawing this will be the natural pathway for you and will bring you to a new level of accurate representation. The tonal dimension to the course is also a proven pathway to painting the figure.

Life Drawing Tutor Daisy Perkins
Daisy teaching to Zoom

Course Tutor Daisy Perkins

Daisy is a practicing artist specialising in portraiture and landscape, she is great fun to learn with and a strong support to your progress.

Course fees

This course costs £110 if bought as a block or £10 per session if you just want to drop in.

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