Life Skills for Artists


Life Skills for Artists

The beginning of a New Year can bring with it annoying reflections on the astounding gap between our aspirations and our actual achievements. Resolutions may be made, regimes proposed and plans put in place to bring about a future that far exceeds the deficiencies of the past. Being creatives we’re probably quiet good at that bit.

Whilst as artists we may have the most extraordinary skill set, a gift for visual perfection that others can only dream of, it may be that there are other areas of our life that sprawl like weed-strewn gardens.

Those amongst us who are blessed with ordered, happy lives will tell us that we cannot expect to soar with our art when our kitchen is burning down, our family has formed an armed insurrection and the dog needs taking to the vet.  Apparently these things act as distractions and can drain us of our life force.

So we thought we’d invite Jane Campion, a woman who has top skills in coaching and marketing, to host a workshop for us around “Life Skills for Artists”. She will show us ways of bringing structure and order to our lives and share valuable insights into marketing ourselves. If you have never worked with a coach you will find that it gives you a huge boost of motivation and energy and also the equipment to carry through on your ideas.

This workshop will be preceded by a free stand-alone taster Zoom conference on Tuesday the 1st February at 7.00pm which will give you some strong motivation and tools to use in your career as an artist and self-marketer.

Register for the free Zoom conference below and we’ll send you an invite at 6.00pm on the 1st Feb to join us at 7.00pm.

The main event will be on Sunday the 6th February in our studio.