Landscape and Architecture with David Sawyer RBA


Thursdays 10.00am-5.00pm

Spring Term 6th January – 10th February

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This course is a combination of studio practice and location trips when the weather allows.

In the studio David will set a theme for the day, whether that is working up an existing painting, practicing ideas with a still life, working from visual reference, photos, drawings or videos. He will support you as you paint along with him and build your studio skills.

On the days when painting out of the studio, artists will need to be equipped and mobile. David is primarily a plein air painter, setting up in front of his subject on location. There is so much to be learnt by accompanying him on these field trips but they are not ideal for those with mobility issues or ‘susceptible to draughts’. Locations will be suggested by David in advance and will be accessible either by public transport or we’ll connect those with cars to those without.

You can book the whole course or if you want to cherry pick and only do the field trips or studio days you can book on an ad hoc basis.

Who is this course for?

Experienced landscape painters who want to expand their practice, intermediate painters looking to refine what they do and beginners taking their first steps in landscape and painting outdoors. David can teach from where you are as a painter, as with all painting drawing skills are a definite plus.


David paints in oils but is also a skilled watercolourist and much of what he teaches is applicable in any medium. You can read about about equipment and materials used for plein air painting in oils here.

Drawing out - a work in progress by David Sawyer RBA

The initial lay-in, establishing shape and proportion, composition and tonal structure


About David

David Sawyer has been working as a fine artist since he left Canterbury College of Art in the eighties. During that time he’s won many awards and gained plenty of attention. His work often includes architectural motifs which he renders seemingly effortlessly in his impressionistic style. More recently he has been teaching and students appreciate his uncomplicated and direct method and the generous way in which he shares his knowledge. As a seasoned professional he knows every angle of painting and most importantly he knows where to expend his time and energy in order to get his image.

His teaching style is gentle and patient. For beginners he will set them clear tasks with a progressive step by step approach. For the more experienced artist he will allow you to get on and then when the direction is clear discuss your work with you and support you in your objectives. It’s these quiet chats with an expert that can make all the difference.

What students say about David’s courses:

David is a terrific teacher, encouraging and very helpful.  I love the way that besides supporting the group in improving their work, he paints alongside them. I found it inspirational to watch his unique and wonderful skills and technique in action. When the weather is too bad to paint en plein air, he provides excellent material to paint from in the form of real-time videos of interesting scenes and the changing weather. ” Rosemary Clark

“David is an excellent teacher: sensitive, perceptive, detailed, always ready to comment on your personal methods and results rather than expecting you to adopt his way of seeing and painting.” John Knepler

The more I paint with David the more value I get from it. Sometimes I learn from watching him and sometimes he says one or two words which drop like pebbles of wisdom into my pool of ignorance, enlightening as they go.” Recent student “I would like to say how much I enjoyed painting with David. He is such a good teacher and shares his secrets very well. The zoom sessions worked very well, better than l thought. The camera over his shoulder gave such a clear view, at times better than the studio.” Fred Czulowski


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