Tuesday Evening Life Drawing Zoom & Drop-in Session


Fast Poses with Freya

7.00pm – 8.30pm

Spring term begins on the 4th January 2022

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This session is run by Freya Tate, a wonderful artist with a sharp eye and a playful line. The session is life model focused but Freya will discuss the works of particular artists and introduce chaotic elements to challenge you and move your drawing on to higher levels. You can see more of Freya’s work here @freyatateify

We use Zoom to connect people to the group and enable interaction. We also have a limited number of artists in the studio for IRL sessions.


Our Zoom life drawing and painting sessions are popular and surprisingly effective. We have professional cameras and lights in a purpose built studio setting to give you the best quality imagery to work with. We don’t use recordings – it’s all happening in real time, we think that adds to the sense of urgency which is a spur we all need in our life drawing!

When you book you will be sent a confirmation and then, usually half an hour or so before the session begins, you will be sent the invite to the Zoom session by email. Follow the link, if you don’t have Zoom installed already it will walk you through that part. It’s very easy. You will be placed in a waiting room first and then admitted once we know who you are.

We have regular model/artist breaks throughout the session. We usually mute everyone whilst working from the model but sometimes the tutor or organiser will speak. We unmute during the breaks so we can chat.

Find out more here about how our live Zoom sessions work.

Attending in the studio IRL

Our studio has been made Covid safe so that artists can work without wearing masks. Each artist has a “station” to work at which is protected by hanging clear PVC sheets.  You book a specific numbered station so that you know where you will be. You will see that these work stations vary a little in price as some are closer to, or to the front of the model as you will see from the floor plan when you click to book. In all cases you will have a clear view of the model. For long pose groups you may wish to book two consecutive weeks to ensure that you have the same space for the two sessions we run with each model.

On arrival at the studio we will ask you to wait to be admitted while we scan your temperature and then we will usher you to your booked station, and settle you before others are admitted. During the breaks we will manage movement safely one at a time. Coffee and tea will be brought to you on the days when going outside for the break is not feasible. Whilst you can remove your mask when at your station please put it on to move around the studio.




It costs £8* for a Zoom session and £11 for a Studio session.

Our COVID secure studio has 13 work stations which are allocated on a first come fist serve basis for short pose sessions.

*£5 if you are a student. Email us at info@dulwichartgroup.co.uk, convince us you’re a student and get your discount code.


Jerome Bone says: “Yesterday I attended the Life drawing Fast drawing with Freya. I just wanted to congratulate you and Freya on this extremely well run session. The Art history introduction was great, very interesting, informative and inspiring. The session itself was great. The model, the poses, timing, lighting and the great tips from Freya made this session one of the best I ever attended. It was a great session. 👏🏻😁 Thank you very much for all the efforts you have put in. Well done Freya and the Dulwich Art Group. 👏🏻👏🏻😁”

Maz Lockett says: “I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the quick poses on life drawing that you do on a Tuesday evening. The practice has helped my confidence and got me drawing rather than being critical of my work.”

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