Tuesday Short Pose Life Drawing Zoom Class


Short pose live streaming life drawing classes – 2pm – 5pm

Login and further details for the online class will be provided further to booking.



Tuesday Zoom Short Pose Life Drawing

2.00pm – 5.00pm

Short poses for training the eye and promoting fluency. Each hour starts with very short poses (which will shake the biscuit crumbs off!) then progressively longer until we end each hour with a ten minute pose.

Whilst the session runs for three hours it is possible to attend one, two or three hours, as works for you. Joining or leaving the group happens promptly on the hour.

We use live streaming via Zoom, so artists will be able to communicate with each other and be part of an art group, even when not physically in the same location.

This online class is open to everyone.


£5 for one hour, £10 for two hours or £15 for three.

If you have a discount code you can apply it at checkout.

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Tuesday 28th July – 1 hr, Tuesday 28th July – 2 hrs, Tuesday 28th July – 3 hrs, Tuesday 4th August – 1 hr, Tuesday 4th August – 2 hrs, Tuesday 4th August – 3 hrs, Tuesday 11th August – 1 hr, Tuesday 11th August – 2 hrs, Tuesday 11th August – 3 hrs, Tuesday 18th August – 1 hr, Tuesday 18th August – 2 hrs, Tuesday 18th August – 3 hrs, Tuesday 25th August – 1 hr, Tuesday 25th August – 2 hrs, Tuesday 25th August – 3 hrs