Saturday Morning Life Drawing & Painting


This is now a hybrid session with 15 artists allowed into the studio and also cameras for artists attending through Zoom.

Long pose life painting and drawing. Usually the same pose held for two weeks so that you can produce a sustained piece. It’s untutored so you’ll be left to get on with it yourself although advice is always available, talking to other artists will usually bring the objectivity required to discern the next step. We use Zoom to connect people to the group and enable interaction. 

Working in the studio with us

As we reopen the studio we would like to tell you about the changes we have made with respect to Covid19. These changes are intended to make your experience both pleasant and safe .

Coco breaking the rules! – you can see the social distancing screens to the right.

We have cleaned and redecorated the studio throughout. It has also been cleared of all inessential equipment and materials and enjoys a new wash-up sink and hand wash sink in the body of the studio.

Each artist has had a “station” created for them, which is protected by hanging clear pvc sheets. (see photos) This has allowed us to create “stations” at one metre apart in a semi-circle around the stage where the model is positioned. You will see that these “stations” vary a little in price as some are directly in front of the model and others further to the side. (see the floor plan when you click to book). The “stations” must be pre-booked and are numbered so that you know where you will be. You may wish to book two consecutive weeks to ensure that you have the same space for the two sessions we run with each model.

On arrival at the studio we will ask you to wait to be admitted when we will usher you to your booked station, and settle you before others are admitted. During the breaks we will manage movement safely one at a time. Coffee and tea will be brought to you on the days when going outside for the break is not feasible.

We look forward to having you back with us.


Our Zoom life drawing and painting sessions are popular and surprisingly effective. We have professional cameras and lights in a purpose built studio setting to give you the best quality imagery to work with. 

When you book you will be sent a confirmation and then, usually half an hour or so before the session begins, you will be sent the invite to the Zoom session by email. Follow the link, if you don’t have Zoom installed already it will walk you through that part. It’s very easy. You will be placed in a waiting room first and then admitted once we know who you are.

We have regular model/artist breaks throughout the session. We usually mute everyone whilst working from the model but sometimes the tutor or organiser will speak. We unmute during the breaks so we can chat and you can share in the studio atmosphere. 

Find out more here about how our live Zoom sessions work.

You can book a studio or Zoom session by clicking on the link below.


It costs £15-£25 for a single three hour session.