A foundation in the elements of visual art – Introduction to oil painting

For beginners or advanced artists with gaps in their skills set.

Friday mornings 10am-1pm

5th June to 10th July 2020. This will be an online Zoom course.

  • Learn to paint in oils from the beginning
  • Understand the mechanics of oil paint
  • Discover ways of looking that lead to successful images
  • Embrace your own visual language in this powerful medium

Having completed Skills I: The Essentials of Drawing, students move on to this course where we learn the mechanics of working with oil paint and explore our visual perception.

We will be working mostly from observation so this will include the human figure, still life and 2d reference in a studio setting. You will be challenged but you may progress at your own pace: there will be agreed way marks, when you arrive at them is up to you.

What students are saying about this course:

I really enjoyed attending both Skills 1 and 2 with Simon. I took the courses as it had been more that 20 years since I had studied art in any form and, having come back in more recent times to drawing and painting, I recognised gaps in my skills and the need to refresh and extend my knowledge base. 
Going back to basics was really worth doing. I am finding it easier to simplify and break down what is in front of me through attention to mark making, light and shade, tonal comparisons and so on, though this is definitely “work in progress ” for me! Though we were working essentially representationally I can see how, by unravelling what I see in front of me, this may lead me onwards to my current gaol of working towards the abstract and that maybe the gap between the two is not as big as I had previously thought.
I particularly enjoyed the move in to more painting as I have not much experience in oils, and have picked up numerous helpful tips and hints. This Summer I plucked up the courage to paint “plein air”and brave the comments of the general public!
I enjoyed the companionship of group work rather than just being stuck in my own studio space, and therefore my own mind, all the time, and really appreciated Simon’s support and advice.” 

“I was slightly apprehensive before attending the skills course, skills 1 in spring 2019 and skills 2 in summer 2019. I shouldn’t have been worried. Although I have attended courses in the past I really felt that I had never learnt as much as on these two short courses. Simon , our tutor, was patient, kind, keen to impart his knowledge and made all of us feel valued from the most experienced to the most inept. Best thing however, it was a huge amount of fun. I would definitely recommend this course to anybody wishing to brush up their skills.”

Course fees

6 weeks £200

Registration & Payment

You can secure your place on the course by booking online.