Thursdays – The artist’s voice – Rebecca Cartwright de Fontenelle

Thursdays for twelve weeks

Thursdays for twelve weeks
Summer Term May 2nd – July 25th
Half term May 30th
Tutor: Rebecca Cartwright de Fontenelle

  • Work with a sophisticated professional artist
  • Use narrative to unpack your personal story
  • Map out your own individual process
  • Learn how perceived weaknesses can become strengths
  • Connect your art with your heart
  • Move beyond skills based representation
  • Establish a strong studio practice
  • Gain confidence in a variety of media
  • Release your mojo as an artist

This course is for artists who want to grow their skills as image makers whilst establishing their own unique and enduring voice. Working from still life and the model in a variety of media close attention we be given to your unique and individual response.

Rebecca Cartwright de Fontenelle – Self Portrait

About Rebecca Cartwright de Fontenelle

Rebecca gained her BA at the Slade where she was a student of Euan Uglow and has an MA in printmaking from Winchester. She has taught widely including at the Royal College of Art. She won the Bulldog Trust award at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and has works in private collections around the world.  She is not bound to any particular genre but sees art as a way of exploring and explaining the world she finds herself in.

Rebecca Cartwright de Fontenelle – Daisy – study from drawing book

Discovering our voice

Learning to draw and paint are essential skills for the artist. Being able to describe on a surface what it is that you see gives you an important facility but it does not necessarily make you an artist. And surely ‘artist’ is what we all want to be?

“For Art to be valuable it must carry meaning and have context.”

For modern representational artists this may mean being aware of what other artists have done and are doing along with a sensitivity to the cultural concerns of the age and responding visually with our own personal timbre or voice.

We think of voice as something effortlessly unique to us both in terms of what we say and how it is said. But this has to be developed. Allowing the truth of who we are to be immanent in what we do and make takes lots of practise. These classes will focus both on making practice fun and do-able and learning how to use painting methods and techniques to create something more than just a representation.

Maria Rosa Ariza – portrait by Rebecca Cartwright de Fontenelle

Rebecca believes that discovering our own voice is one of the most important steps an artist can take. Her own work is charged with a charismatic intensity which is a direct consequence of the experiences she has had in her life. She finds narrative an important thread in her work: enmeshed with the experience of seeing there is the meaning of what is seen.

In this course she will lead us to find our own voice as artists using  traditional studio techniques. Working principally in oil supported by drawing and watercolour she will set out a road map to creative authenticity.  She will show you the way of the artist but the road you travel will be your own.

Roses – Rebecca Cartwright de Fontenelle

What we will do

We’ll be working from observation using still life and the figure. Each set-up will have the purpose of challenging some aspect of our approach, embedding useful skills and putting obstacles to one side. Rebecca works closely with her students to encourage insights that occur naturally as part of the process contribute to our growth as artists. She has great familiarity with all traditional media and so will give you all the technical support you need.

Rebecca believes that there is a great deal to be learnt from studying the work of other artists and this will extend to transcriptions of important works from both 2d and 3d sources.

Narrative is the tool that she will use to unpack your own story as an artist through study, discussion, practise and reflection.

Fees for twelve full days £600

You can secure your place on the course by paying a £50 deposit. The balance will be due one week before the commencement of the course. Failure to pay the balance on time could lead to losing your place and your deposit.

Concessions may be available upon request.

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This course will work with a variety of media, Rebecca will guide you but expect to have and use:

Oil paint
Acrylic paint

We always have reasonably priced materials for sale in the studio but many artists will have these already or will want to source them independently.