Tuesday Afternoon – Zoom Short Pose Life Drawing

Tuesday Afternoon Zoom Short Pose Life Drawing

2.00pm – 4.00pm

This has always been a drop-in class and will be again, but in the meantime, we are running this weekly class as a Zoom art class open to all. 

When life drawing, short poses are excellent for training the eye and the hand and building the ability to sum up the essence of the figure with economy. Each hour will start with short poses and work up to two or three ten minute poses.

This is a familiar format for life drawing sessions which most of us find very satisfactory.

Whilst the session runs for three hours it is possible to attend one, two or three hours, as works for you. Joining or leaving the group happens promptly on the hour.

Our Zoom life drawing and painting classes are popular and surprisingly effective. We have professional cameras and lights in a purpose built studio setting to give you the best quality imagery to work with. 

When you book you will be sent a confirmation and then, usually half an hour or so before the session begins, you will be sent the invite to the Zoom session by email. Follow the link, if you don’t have Zoom installed already it will walk you through that part. It’s very easy. You will be placed in a waiting room first and then admitted once we know who you are.

We have regular model/artist breaks throughout the session. We usually mute everyone whilst working from the model but sometimes the tutor or organiser will speak. We unmute during the breaks so we can chat. 

Find out more here about how our live Zoom sessions work.


£5 for one hour, £10 for two hours.