Dulwich Art Group is a small, friendly, independent art school with a focus on observational drawing and painting. We run open studio life drawing and painting sessions and structured art courses.

Open Studios

Our open studio sessions are ideal for artists of all abilities, with no commitment you are free to attend sessions when you choose. Whilst they are run by practicing artists who are only too happy to give personal guidance, you will be left to get along with your own work unless you ask for input.

Paint or draw from a life model in a single pose over two, three hour  sessions

Paint a portrait over two, three hour sessions

Life Drawing in the evening with guidance from an artist

Learn to Draw and Paint – Tutored Art Courses

Why Draw?

Drawing from life is a core discipline for many visual artists, it trains the eye and the hand and develops our ability to visually explore. For many, creativity arises from the excitement of really seeing, which comes from this process of sustained looking.

A regular drawing or painting practice not only helps you to continue to make images that reflect your intention but actually changes your neurology in a way that affects other areas of your life in a positive way.

Our tutored classes will support you as you learn to draw and paint. Each course is run by a practicing artist who will teach around their area of expertise. Some are for absolute beginners and others are for those who are moving on and want to learn from an expert.

Our Latest News

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     RSVP here  Alone at Sea is Clare Haward’s second solo exhibition at 155A Gallery, with works selected from her practice over the past few years.   Clare’s still lifes, self portraits […] The post Clare Haward – Alone at Sea appeared first on Dulwich Art Group & School.

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