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Our introduction to Life Drawing is a twelve week course which gives…

Learn to paint

We also run courses in oil-painting focusing on the figure, still life,…


The truth is we get better as artists by practicing so we…

 Whilst our school is closed due to COVID-19, we will be running all our drop-in classes as online live streamed sessions. Find out more.

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Tutored groups

We have tutored groups where you can learn to draw and paint…

Live Streamed Sessions

Whilst we are unable to hold drop-in sessions in our studio, we…

Painting Holiday in Provence

Follow in the footsteps of some of the great impressionists with us this…


We all learn in different ways and we find that our combination of structured tutored courses and open drop-in sessions offers sufficient scope for most of us to find a path for ourselves.

Each week there are three or more life drawing drop-in sessions where there is no formal tutor and artists are free to pursue their own approach to painting or drawing. However if a student wishes to have guidance or direction there are plenty of members who will offer advice, some of whom are lifelong art educators. Looking over the shoulder of someone who appears to know what they are doing can often be as much education as is required. We also run tutored groups and workshops – scan our regular emails or look on the menus above.

If you’ve been thinking of taking Art Classes or an Art Course these life drawing groups may well support or supplement. As with an Art Course there is a sense of progression, not through any outside agency but through regular and honest application and effort. Making a commitment to oneself to draw seriously just once a week can have benefits that reach beyond the immediate image produced. The neural pathways opened up through observation and mark making can suffuse other areas of ones life and work with creativity – life drawing brings good things!

We have home cooked freshly made refreshments and light lunches available at a modest price. There are model breaks every 20-25 minutes and a longer break for tea or coffee when we also collect fees. It’s very friendly with plenty of other artists to chat to.

Our studio is well equipped with professional lighting, easels, drawing boards, chairs and we have other materials available for sale, paper for example is 20p per A1 sheet.


Clare is a sensitive teacher who gives you tailored advice to improve your own painting technique. After being taught by Clare I have noticed a big change in my ability to translate the colours that I see onto the canvas, and her words of wisdom have been a huge support throughout my artistic development.


Clare’s method of painting is so completely different from mine that I felt I was exploring very new ground. Her personality and teaching approach are very thoughtful, caring and gentle in manner. She has a very intelligent insight into how best to explain her work and how different learners require different approaches


I have loved doing Clare’s class. She is inspiring, patient and encouraging. I haven’t painted for years, so Clare’s class has been immensely helpful in removing my fear of putting paint on canvas, and seeing improvement as we’ve progressed is quite fulfilling! I’d highly recommend it for anyone wishing to paint!