Monday Evenings – An Introduction to Life Drawing


Mondays ~ 7.00pm-9.00pm

Summer Term 2024

Monday evenings, 7pm-9pm – 12 weeks or 6 weeks
15th April – 15th July 2024.
BH 6th May. Half Term 27th May.

This course is for complete beginners or those wanting to get back to basics with their drawing.

Drawing is the starting point for so many visual artists because it trains the eye and the hand and teaches us not only to look but also to see. We work from the nude model because, thanks to evolution, we are highly visually attuned to the human body, which gives us a head start when it comes to looking, describing, or judging feeling, balance and proportion.

How we teach

We don’t think there is only one way of drawing so we introduce several different approaches to capturing the figure including contour, gestural and schematic drawing, and provide the tools for proportional drawing. It seems that most of us find one approach suits us better than the others and we encourage people to notice what works best for them and go with it.

We demonstrate so you can see an artist tackling a problem and so that you can learn visually. We also engage with you individually to support you as you assimilate what has been shown and discussed.

We learn to draw mostly through practice, after participating in this course you will have the understanding to be able to practise with purpose, to make sure that your efforts are directed effectively towards mastery.

Whilst this course is progressive many artists enjoy repeating the terms to embed their learning.

To book

This is now primarily a studio based course.

Summer Term 2024
1st Half: 15th April – 3rd June

2nd Half: 10th June – 15th July