Hen Parties

Hen Parties or Hen Nights in South London

It’s quite a giggle to get a group of girls together with a well built male model. We’re now offering private groups the opportunity to draw from life. We run the Hen Party in the same way that we would any normal academic drawing session with one or two differences. The model will be male unless you specifically request female and instead of warm tea we can offer good champagne or prosecco and nice things to nibble at. (Oh behave!…)

The nice thing about the party is that there is nothing seedy about it, we don’t use male strippers, only professional models. They’re good sports but not tarts. It’s all above board but there is that frisson that comes from having a fully naked male in the midst of a group of women.

Your instructor will make sure that you visually explore every aspect of your models body, if you’re not used to drawing there is a tendency to look everywhere but! It’s light hearted and excellent fun but it’s also a real life drawing session and we’ve found that some rather good drawings emerge and the hens actually take the drawing side seriously.

From an organisers point of view it’s a cinch as we book the model and we use our own premises which are fully equipped with everything that will be needed. There’s nothing else to worry about. We can supply the catering or you can bring your own – a special cake maybe or just a couple of party trays from M&S.

For a hen party prices are competitive and importantly all inclusive, you don’t have to worry about hiring spaces or rooms or clearing them for this kind of activity. It can be surprisingly tricky to get a space large enough to do life drawing with the degree of privacy required. As we run life drawing groups all the time this is routine for us.

Whilst we can tailor the event to your specifications the usual group would last 2 hours and would be structured along these lines:

  • Introduction to life drawing with a suggested approach
  • Introduce the model, a quick demonstration of gesture drawing
  • The first pose – a quick depiction just to get the juices flowing
  • The second pose – a more sustained attempt
  • Refreshments whilst reviewing work
  • Third pose – consolidating what’s been seen, could be a keeper!
  • Review what’s been achieved

It is possible to run a group at your own location too if this is preferred.

If this appeals to you give Alison a ring to discuss the details.

Here are some pictures from previous hen parties: