Wednesday Afternoon Portraiture


2pm – 5pm

Paint a clothed model with a focus on the portrait, we usually have the same model for two weeks so make sure to book the same position for both weeks if you plan on coming back. The model will at times be engaged in conversation in order to bring some animation to the face.

Our studio is purpose built and well equipped with easels, drawing boards, clips and so on. We sell materials at reasonable prices so if you forget anything we should be able to help you out. We have professional lighting for the models and and full spectrum lights for the studio to give you a good experience. We break for 5 minutes for the model every 25 minutes and then for twenty minutes at 13.30 to have a cup of tea and a bit of cake (small charge).


It is also possible to attend this session on Zoom, we give you a close up of the head and a wider view of the figure in context.  Have a look here if you are not familiar with Zoom and to understand our process.

£15 – £25 for a single three hour session.

To book

Please select the date of the session you would like to attend and then your preferred position below. A red cross means that the position is out of stock.