Dine and Draw – Supper Club

Cocktails, life drawing and really good food.

6.00pm – 10.00pm

Our Friday Supper Club combines an hour of proper life drawing in our fully equipped studio with cocktails and then a memorable dinner expertly cooked by Alexander Does Supper. As an all round artistic and culinary experience it’s exceptional, leaving you feeling creatively fulfilled, well fed and with new friends.

Alexander’s suppers are indulgent and delicious with carefully selected wines. The menus are eclectic and moreish with modern dietary options available. We eat at a large table together, which adds to the sense of fellowship and aids conversation. The shared act of drawing a nude model, looking at each others work, laughing and commenting is the perfect setup for a warm and relaxed social event.

A typical evening:

    • 6.00pm – Drinks reception
    • Featured event
    • 8.00pm – Dinner – we seat ourselves and our splendid supper is served
    • 10.00pm – Goodbyes and home. Or on to a club.

For bookings, menu and more info check Alexander’s instagram here

If you wish to book for a larger group drop us an email at info@dulwichartgroup.co.uk