Saturday Afternoon Life Drawing & Painting Long Pose


2.00pm – 5.00pm

This is just a studio session, with no Zoom.

We will have a life model in the same pose for three hours in the afternoon, usually for two consecutive weeks.

This is an untutored session run by a professional painter who will always be happy to give advice.

Other than model breaks, usually every 25 minutes, we break for tea and cake at 3.30pm for twenty minutes.

Our studio is divided up into workstations or ‘positions’ and whilst each position has a good view of the model many artists prefer to be front and centre so we have a variable pricing structure to reflect this. (Actually, you often get a more interesting composition to the side of the room)


From £18 – £22 per session

To book

Choose the date you would like to attend. Then choose where you would like to be by referring to the diagram.  A red cross means that the position is out of stock.


Position locator: