Do I need to bring anything?


We’ve got easels and drawing boards, A1 white cartridge paper (20p per sheet), charcoal,(20p per stick) chalk, pencils, rubbers and even spray to fix your drawing. We can provide tape and some large clips, but it’s probably a good idea to bring some. If you’re heavy on the charcoal or painting you’ll find we can also let you have a plastic sheet to protect the floor from any accidental spillages!

We now have a small shop with fair prices so if you forget something, chances are we’ll have it.


You’ll need your brushes, paints, solvents, palette and a canvas, a prepared board or hard painting surface, specialist papers – stretched or otherwise. We do offer glass jars for water etc and some paper towels for mopping up.

Do you supply coffee/tea and biscuits?

Oh yes! On Saturdays there’s also fruit when we have the half way break to restore the tissues. Wednesdays we provide a variety of fresh sandwiches to prevent anxiety about lunch from distracting us too much and cake at the half-way tea break. All at £1 per person.

Will anyone teach me anything?

Many of the people who come to our art groups have had it to the back teeth with people teaching them things so the answer until 2013 was always no,  not unless you ask. We have more recently noticed that some of us appreciate support so it will always be true that if you ask for guidance it will be given.

The primary aim of the group is to provide a space where artists can pursue their own work without molestation. However we have occasional educational workshops helping people to develop further skills in line, tone, perspective etc. Look at the Learning menu.

How do I get there

have a look at our getting there page..