Dulwich Festival Exhibition


Artists’ Open House

9th and 10th May 2020

Sorry, this event has had to be cancelled, in line with government advice.

The Dulwich Art Group will be exhibiting over the weekend of the 9th May 2020 as part of the Artists’ Open House scheme which is part of the wider Dulwich Festival.

We would like to invite all Dulwich Art Group attendees to show their work with us. The show is not curated – just show your best work.

What will be provided.

  • The exhibition will take place in the Dulwich Art Group, 4A Champion Hill SE5 8AH
  • We have taken a full page advertisement in the Open House booklet, the chief means of publicising the event.
  • We will erect panels which with the wall space will give ample space for at least thirty artists to hang work.
  • Teas, coffees and biscuits will be available during the day to soothe your nerves and smooth your sales.
  • There will be an affordable artworks boutique.
  • Purchase contracts and deposit taking will be provided
  • The group will handle PR and advertising, including flyers and smart new banners outside the venue
  • There will be a private view on the evening of the 9th May with wine and nibbles.
  • The benefit of being part of a larger caucus cannot be underestimated in terms of footfall.

Benefits of exhibiting with the Dulwich Art Group

  • It’s good value, going it alone costs £95 for the registration fee alone and on top of that you have the cost of preparing your home – people have been known to redecorate their house for this! plus all the ancillary costs such as refreshments for visitors.
  • It only requires you to commit a half day for invigilating rather than having to be present for the whole weekend.
  • Having someone else promoting your work is less painful than having to do it yourself. We’ll be making sure all those invigilating know how to big up other people’s work.
  • It’s less disruptive – giving random members of the public access to your inner sanctum is not everyone’s cup of tea….
  • The private view is organised for you. Having to put on a party when you’ve just had the trauma of mounting your own exhibition can be a bit stiff.
  • More people will see your work – we usually have well over 500 visitors, having a large range of works attracts people who might not at first consider your work in particular.
  • A smaller number of works stands up better in a large group show. Not all of us have dozens of paintings we wish to exhibit.
  • If it’s your first time this is a very supportive way to show your work
  • It’s good fun. Working with and for others, celebrating what we all love, does it get much better?


£85 for an 8′ x 5’* board, £55 for half a board and £30 for a single picture.
We will charge 10% commission on sales.
*That’s about 2.5m x 1.5m for those not familiar with the Imperial System.


The first step that needs to be taken is to register by filling in the form below. We will then contact you off list to keep you further informed with specifics. Whilst we are usually able to accommodate everyone who wishes to exhibit we will always favour those who sign up first if we run out of space – so sign up soon.

    Please choose the size of board you'd like
    A full size board - cost £85A half board - cost £55Just one picture - cost £30

    Please upload a representative piece of work which may be used for publicity purposes. Please name your file using the convention: 'your_name-picture_name.jpg'. Max file upload size is 4MB. (required)