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A squirt of paint, a clean brush and we’re off…

A squirt of paint, a clean brush and we’re off.  The Autumn term starts today and for those who are new to us we extend a warm welcome. We know you’ll find us a friendly bunch but more importantly we also know that if you apply yourself diligently to your painting and drawing you will grow as an artist.

Whether your intention is to sell your work or just to acquire a skill that will bring you endless satisfaction we hope to be a meaningful way station along your path.

If you’re thinking of joining us this term there are still places here and there so drop Alison an email or ring us up to discuss.

Clare Haward discusses composition with artist and model Lauren Ratcliffe

Review of our painting holiday in Wales

Taking a residential course is a powerful stimulant to your painting. Full immersion can be overwhelming but, like baptism, it can bring about welcome renewal. Painting everyday for a week is intense and exhausting but when it is undertaken with the good humoured support of other artists and tutors it will fill you to the pores with art and good intention.

This year we were on a private landscaped estate with painting opportunities surrounding the house. Clare Haward was as brilliant as she always is at getting us to look and respond to what we see and Lauren, our model, got many of us back to the foundation of drawing, sometimes overlooked in the headlong rush into paint.

In the evenings we were 19 at table. It was a particularly large table. Whilst there was a chef and a housekeeper to help with the logistics of feeding us we had artist teams to lay and clear, this builds camaraderie and keeps the cost manageable. Other than eating and drinking and pottering, we just painted and drew. Sublime.

Rob Macgillivray exhibition

Rob Macgillivray is an inspiration, not just does he produce marvellously consistent imagery which develops over the years but he understands how to manage his career as an artist. Maybe it’s his background in production that helps but he’s doing everything they say we should all be doing. Pushing the social media, interacting with his collectors, selling online at multiple price points, exhibiting regularly. Heck, he even has his models applying directly to him and asking to sit for him! He has a solo show at the Jeannie Avent Gallery in East Dulwich this weekend and next, why not pop in and say hi?

Tuesday Afternoon Short Pose Drop-in Life Drawing

Elisa will be giving us her inspiring and athletic dance based poses this week.

Whilst the session runs for three hours it is possible to attend one, two or three hours, as works for you. Joining or leaving the group happens promptly on the hour. There is a tutor available although the group is officially untutored.

Cost £5 for one hour, £10 for two hours or £15 for three.
Tea and cake £1

Wednesday Drop-in long pose untutored

We have a male dancer to sit for us for two weeks. He is called Felix and I suppose I should quip that we are lucky to have him. We are but I shall not.

Cost £15 no need to book, just turn up. £1 for coffee and biscuits at 11.30am
Read more here

Wednesday Afternoon Drop-in Portraiture
2.00pm -5.00pm

We are also fortunate to have Felix in the afternoon for the portrait session. Felix is a dancer so he’s sent lots of nice low resolution pictures of him dancing but you’ll have to use your imagination a bit to realise his face!

Cost £20 no need to book, just turn up. Tea and cake £1

This is a drop-in group for those wanting to work on their portraiture. If you haven’t been for a while would you fill in the form and read more here so that we can keep the numbers manageable.

Friday Drop-in Long pose untutored

Last week with performance artist Agnieska

Cost £15, no need to book, just turn up. £1 for tea and cake at 3.30pm
More info here

Saturday Drop-in Long Pose Untutored Life Drawing and Painting

ViBe is our Gallic model for this Saturday and the next two.

Cost £15 – no need to book, just turn up. £1 for coffee and biscuits at 11.30am


Alison and Simon

Dulwich Art Group Organisers
Alison on 07968 063523
Simon on 07704 450169
Our venue is at 4a Champion Hill SE5 8AH you can find out how to get there here

Quick links to our educational courses here:

Clare HawardPainting in oils on Mondays and Monday Evenings
Skills Part One: The Elements of Drawing on Tuesday Mornings
Life Drawing: Intermediate Life Drawing – chief tutor Simon Dunstan Tuesday Evenings
Alex Tzavaras: Introduction to painting from life on Tuesday Evenings
Alex Tzavaras: Portrait class on Wednesday evenings
David Sawyer: Landscape Painting on Thursdays
An Introduction to Life Drawing with Alison Packer and Simon Dunstan is on Thursday evenings
Skills Part Two: Introducing Oil Painting on Friday Mornings