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As I wistfully pack away the pullovers and wet wear from my summer wardrobe, my mind turns to the exciting prospects that Autumn brings us. Yes mists, yes mellow fruitfulness but more the intense sense of purpose that comes from idling away the summer months watching the raindrops running down the window and popping another log on the fire.

My plums are hard and my tomatoes may be green, but I am super keen to get back to my art: sweet fat tubes of oil paint await me and the open white pastures of oil primed linen call to my heart, eager to be sullied with my big rough brushes. I hope you find yourself similarly disposed and ready for action because, unless our government is gaslighting us, it looks like we might have a relatively normal Autumn term coming up. Artists are visiting the studio in increasing numbers and as we’ve found that the injections offer rather less immunity than we’d hoped for, we’re keeping the Covid screens up for the while, so breathe easy.

We’ll be keeping the booking system online, everyone likes the fact that you know where you’ll be and the cool sense of order that ensues.

Wednesday morning life drawing and painting will come back from the 8th September and we have a six week long pose starting on Saturday afternoons from the 11th September. Just imagine what you could achieve with six weeks to push your paint around. The last time we had a six week pose was a very long time ago but some splendid paintings came out of it.

Tuesday afternoons will also return in due course.

There will be art and there will be artists but there will be no sunshine.

One artist who is always a ray of sunshine is Rob Macgillivray who has his exhibition starting on the 2nd September at the Jeannie Avent Gallery private view on Friday the 3rd September, email him to RSVP