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Keep on arting to save the planet

Image by Al Feldstein

It has become obvious to anybody who has been observing recent events that we are being governed by invisible alien space lizards, hell bent on spoiling our fun and leading us to annihilation. If you have a more plausible explanation, do let me know.

They infest our government and our institutions and force us to live in a self-contradicting puzzle. They seek to divide us against ourselves so that they can bring about their nefarious space invasion whilst we are squabbling about which lavatory to use. It may feel as if resistance is futile but there is one twinkly chink in their scaly armour. They are alien space lizards and as such their blood runs cold. They have no humanity and are bewildered when they see the kindness, community, camaraderie, the selfless love and care that we lavish upon each other with no regard for personal profit.

What they find particularly scary is art.

Art is irrational, personal and can be profoundly affective upon the viewer. Good art is often provocative, not through any wilful contrarianism or childish desire to shock but because when an artist follows their enquiry it can take them to unexplored places where new things are seen. New things are always a challenge, not just to the comfortable and complacent but also to the space lizards. They know that we are more likely to sense their presence if we start making our own enquiries rather than do what is expected of us.

Artists are the exact antithesis of the species of bland globalisation sought by the space lizards. Artists are individual, particular, granular, interested in detail, nuance, subtlety – ‘this’, ‘this’, ‘this’ not ‘those’ or ‘them’. Whilst the lizards seek to use difference as a fuel for division, artists have the knack of seeing difference as the joyful play of one universal truth. This is infuriating to the lizards whose cosmos of lies serves them well and absolutely why we should keep on arting and save the planet.