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Welcome to the Summer term

So Easter was fun wasn’t it, meeting up with the family, going out on a brisk spring walk over the downs, dropping in at a pub for lunch, maybe going to the theatre in the evening, laughter, hugs, chocolate. Oh, hang on, sorry, I got mixed up, that was another Easter, no this Easter was a whole different thing. Yes chocolate, yes alcohol, not so much the big family meal or going out. Oh my.

Pears by Elizabeth Fell

Our Summer term starts on Monday. The only class we’re able to run at the moment is Clare Haward on Monday, she will be running her Zoom streamed sessions from 10.00am – 4.00pm for six weeks, and if nothing changes, a further six weeks after that. Those who have been joining her have been getting some splendid results and strengthening their own studio practice (see above). Sign up here if you’re interested. Please note, if you’re new to painting this may not be the ideal course for you so drop us a line if you’re not sure.

Preserved shark anyone?

I know I may have said some disparaging things about Damien Hirst’s work in the past, however, I have this fatal character flaw: when I get to know a person I tend to like them. Damien has afforded us all the opportunity to get to know him a bit better by posting some questions and answers on his Instagram feed.Whilst it will take a lot to persuade me to like his paintings I’ve always liked his 3d work but that is sort of irrelevant: his common sense attitude is the thing and distinctly refreshing. I know it’s easy to be relaxed about how one approaches art when one is sitting on a couple of hundred million quid but many of us could learn from his insouciance, his acceptance of who he is and his own output. I have to say I haven’t watched it all so there may be some unrevealed horrors but I suspect nothing more than the view up his nose, – someone teach him about camera angles!