What has Clare been doing during lockdown?

Clare Haward: A Year in Review

Further information:
Self Portrait in Green, Oil on Linen, 65 x 50cm, 2020

Clare Haward, who some of us are lucky enough to have learnt from has a good article about her up on Artsy.com along with some rather brilliant paintings, like the one above. She is working with a stronger narrative and larger, her sense of colour harmony and the careful arrangements of shapes will be more familiar.

Clare Haward: a Year in Review

“A year since her inaugural solo exhibition at 155a Gallery, South London based artist, Clare Haward, has generously agreed to ‘open the doors’ to her studio and share with us some of her practice over the past year. The selection includes works in progress and drawings alongside finished works. Clare would like to thank Elizabeth Greenshield’s Foundation for their support. 155a Gallery looks forward to exhibiting Clare’s recent work in June 2021.” More here