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Will you be feeling a little prick in the New Year?

Will you be feeling a little prick in the New Year?

Will you be feeling a little prick in the New Year? It appears that those lovely people at big pharma have managed to pull a golden rabbit out of the hat of our broken lives. Good for them. And good for us if it means we can get back to rebuilding our relationships and businesses. I feel I should be cracking open the champagne but there is a weariness which I’m sure will pass.

We know that those of you who come to our studio to study painting or drawing from life are nourished by the presence of other artists. Like many creatives, I find that time alone is fertile ground but by all that is sweet, the company of others is a fillip to existence and a spur to the production of art. Humanity is the inoculation we all need: a heroic dose of human company would set us all straight. Before we can take this best of all medicines though, it seems we’ll be witnessing another world beating roll out; wouldn’t it be nice if this time it went without a hitch?

It is hard not to be cynical having lived through the last few months, part of me thinks the whole thing is massively overblown and then the other part meets someone who has lost more than one member of their family and then I am thoughtful.

At least now we can tentatively plan for the New Year – our twice cancelled painting trip to Provence looks like it will happen precisely one year late and now we’ve sorted out how to run a Covid Safe studio with digital streaming we’ll be able to use it more thoroughly, with or without the PVC screens.

If the notion of the vaccination causes you to think forward, our courses are beginning to fill up for next year. If you are already painting with Clare Haward, Alex Tzavaras or David Sawyer and want to continue next term it is a good idea to sign up now, before we start to promote them, to secure your place. Most of our courses are accessible from this page.