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Why the Big Reset needs us artists

The Big Reset.

Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin – Water Glass and Jug

It should be clear by now that nothing will ever be the same again. Even after we’ve been inoculated beyond belief we will be addicted to online shopping and suspicious of people who want to go outdoors. There won’t be anything worth going outdoors for of course, all the decent shops, pubs and restaurants will have disappeared. Our employers, if we are lucky enough to have them, will be saving a fortune not having to waste money on expensive offices but to be honest, unless you work for the government, Google or Amazon, you probably won’t have a job.

So maybe now is a good time to be an artist. Artists don’t have employers, not just because some of them are unemployable; but they have scant regard for authority and little time for rules. Whilst they may get paid for the work they do, in an ideal world they don’t work to get paid. Artists work to a deeper rhythm, the shapes they make reflect their inner truth, the greater the verity the more likely the artifacts will affect others. And now is definitely a good time to be making things that reflect truth.

We live in frisky times, when change occurs the outcome is never certain. Those who have purpose and position, playing with geopolitics; they need us to remind them of what is true: those with their noses buried in their bank balances need artists to remind them of what is important and substantial and those who drudge need art to remind them of their own truth.

Artists have an innate ability to discover rightness and when they achieve harmony in their own work, in a small way they affect others and adjust the rightness of the universe.