Learn to draw

It all starts with drawing. Life Drawing leverages our visual attunement to the human form to help us learn to draw. It’s also great fun. When we learn to draw we are really learning to look: drawing is just a record of what is seen, either optically or conceptually. The more we draw the better we see, the better we see the more value we bring to what we record.

Our new on-line version of our famous Introduction to Life Drawing is a ten week course which gives you the confidence to describe the human figure in your own way. Each evening we introduce a new idea and work with it. We have an excellent tutor and professional models in the studio which is streamed live to you. It’ll get you going from the beginning and forms an excellent basis for further study. If you’ve got the basics sorted then try our Intermediate Life Drawing which introduces more sophisticated ways of drawing the human figure.

A list of all our drawing courses are below:

Monday Evenings Introduction to Life Drawing

Thursday Evenings Intermediate Life Drawing