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Plein Air Painting for the socially distant

Zoom Drop-in Groups – click on the links below

Tuesday Afternoon Short Pose Drop-in Life Drawing
Wednesday Morning – Drop-in Life Drawing and Painting
Saturday Morning – Drop-in Life Drawing and Painting

Plein Air painting with David Sawyer this Tuesday

Beddington Park – detail, by David Sawyer

Boris has said that it’s OK for six people to socially distance in a group outdoors. That sounds like a plein air painting trip to us!

Next Tuesday David is going to be in Ruskin Park’s maze garden from 10.00am – 1.00pm and then on Thursday afternoon 2.00pm-5.00pm. David feels that having three hour sessions will work better for everyone and we think he is right, it’ll focus the mind and be better value. He’s inviting five others to be six feet away from him. He will be painting and will also support you in your work, this is one of the best ways of learning, watching an expert do what they do and getting feedback on what you are doing. David has a visor to protect you (and him) whilst he is teaching.

If you’d like to join in next Tuesday 2nd June could you respond to this email, (we don’t have a web page put together for this yet). The cost is £35 for each session. You may park at our studio and wander down. (Ruskin Park is very close to the studio)

In future we will run his sessions in a more ad hoc way so that you will have the option to sign up for each individual session or for a block of three or six as works for you. You can now think of this rather like a drop-in. We also anticipate going further afield and being more responsive so that if, for instance, it’s bucketing down, we’ll take a view and maybe go out the next day.

We will use a Whatsapp group for communications, most of us already use it to chat to our families and it’s ideal for a smallish group to coordinate on the go. When you sign up you’ll get invited to the Whatsapp group and then you’ll be in the loop for subsequent sessions or any other updates.

Clare Haward is having a virtual exhibition

Landscape with village, oil on linen by Clare Haward

A range of Landscape paintings by Clare Haward NEAC will soon be exhibited at 155A. The exhibition will run online from next weekend. If you’ve ever learnt anything from Clare you may like to buy one of her paintings, having your tutor’s work on the wall is a constant reminder of their way.

“Clare Haward is a painter of Landscapes, Still Life and Portrait. Recently elected as a member of New English Art Club, she has exhibited her work widely. She also teaches her particular approach to painting, finding this has become an important part of informing some ideas into her own practice.

Price range: £225-£1500”

Tuesday Drop-in Short Pose Life Drawing 2.00pm-5.00pm on Zoom

Ros is posing for the short poses this Tuesday afternoon. Here is a screen grab from the last time she was here. We will follow the familiar format of starting each hour with terrifying 30 second short poses and move on to longer poses. depending upon who comes and goes we may end the session with a half hour pose. We try to be democratic.

You can choose to join us for one, two or three hours and as we’re still rolling this out the charge will only be £2.50 per hour. To get the special price use the discount code PESTE1 at final check out when purchasing the session.

Click here to book

Wednesday Drop-in Long Pose Life Drawing 10.00am-1.00pm on Zoom

We have Stephanie for two weeks, I think her hair has changed since this photo, so you get the sunshine and smiles but not the curly locks!

Please book here

The session fee will be reduced to £10 if you use the discount code PESTE2 at final checkout.

Saturday Drop-in Long Pose Life Drawing 10.00am-1.00pm on Zoom

Last week poor Sara, our expected model, came down with suspected CV so Alison had the challenge of finding a new model at 9.30 on a Saturday morning. Not all models are morning people (to put it mildly) so we were very happy to discover that Adrian is. He dashed over and saved the session with a seated pose that makes the most of his colouring. We will bring Sara back when she has recovered so that we can finish our paintings but we have Adrian for this week in the second of a two week pose. The WIP painting below is by Vicki Cooke on her first digital session with us, let’s hope she enjoyed the session enough to come back!

Please book here

The session fee will be reduced to £10 if you use the discount code PESTE2 at final checkout.