Floral Watercolour Painting Workshop – with Caron Clarke


Sunday 3rd March 2024

10.30am – 4.30pm

Join us for an enchanting two-day journey into the world of floral watercolour painting. Whether you are a complete novice curious about watercolours or an experienced artist eager to blossom in floral art, this workshop is designed just for you.

Over two consecutive Sundays, learn the basics, explore advanced techniques, and let your creativity flourish amidst petals and leaves. Artist Caron Clarke will guide you every step of the way, ensuring a nurturing and supportive environment.

About Caron

Caron is an artist who in recent years has focussed on watercolour as her favourite medium. She uses it with verve and confidence; her vivid colours and powerful brushwork communicate the intensity of her visual engagement with the world. She works from life, painting landscapes, portraits, the figure and of course flowers, with the same sure touch.

She exhibits regularly and has been an artist for all of her professional life, woven together with her teaching assignments.

Watching her paint is inspiring, as she places her luscious colours you feel yourself wanting to pick up the brush yourself, the direct way in which she works is easy to assimilate and she is open about sharing what she is doing.

Experience the joy of painting with watercolours, make new friends, and take home not just a piece of art but a piece of your newfound passion.

Day 1 25th February: Introduction to Watercolours and Basic Techniques

Welcome and Introduction

  • Introduction to Watercolour Painting
  • Overview of Watercolour
  • Materials and Setup
  • How to set up the paper for experimental work
  • Basic watercolour techniques:
    Wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, and dry brush techniques. As well, knowing how to apply a flat wash, graded wash, and variegated wash are all essential techniques that every watercolourist should know and master.

Step-by-Step Guided Painting Session

  • Colour theory and colour mixing.
  • Light pencil drawing techniques and or making shapes and forms directly with a brush.
  • Focus on Simple Floral Shapes and Forms

Intermediate watercolour techniques

  • Individual Practice and Feedback
  • Experimentation with different techniques
  • Personalised guidance and tips
  • Painting one sole flower

Day 2, 3rd March: Advancing into Floral Art

Advanced Watercolour techniques.

  • How to set up your paper for a final painting
  • Understanding Light, Shadow and Colour in Floral Art
  • Techniques for creating realistic and stylised flowers

Advanced Painting Session Detailed Floral Studies

  • Detailed Floral Studies
  • Integrating Backgrounds and Textures
  • How to use masking fluid
  • How not to use masking fluid

Personal Project and Group Critique

  • Work on a personal floral art piece
  • Exploring flora and pattern
  • Group sharing and constructive critiques
  • Marketing prose

List of resources required for workshop

  • Paper: We will supply paper at the studio at competitive prices.
    If you want to bring your own you can get 1 or both sketchbooks:
    – A3 220gm Daler Rowney smooth – heavyweight paper for technical and experimental work.
    – A3 300gm Langton Daley Rowney watercolour sketchbook for final compositional projects.
  • Recommended masking tape (Jackson’s Art Supplies professional masking tape).
    Winsor and Newton, Cotman Watercolour, ‘Complete Travel Tin’, 24 x Half Pans Watercolour set.
    Please note that this is just a recommendation based on what I personally use so you are welcome to use anything you wish as there are so many good products out there.
  • I cannot over emphasise the importance of owning at least four good sable watercolour brushes (to which I will explain on the course). Therefore, at least one mop brush, a round head brush a medium size brush and a fine detail brush. This is not compulsory, but also own at least two pots for water to keep applications of paint fresh.
  • Compulsory item! Jackson’s masking fluid and applicator set.
    Masking fluid set with a built-in applicator, popular with watercolour artists. Can also be purchased on Amazon.


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