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Summer’s sweetest gift

Zoom and Plein Air Drop-in Groups – click on the links below

Tuesday and Friday morning Pleinairists
Tuesday Afternoon Short Pose Drop-in Life Drawing
Wednesday Morning – Drop-in Life Drawing and Painting
Wednesday Afternoon – Drop-in Portraiture
Saturday Morning – Drop-in Life Drawing and Painting

Painting in Beddington Park last week with David Sawyer

Whilst the summer unfurls before us and ever greater liberties can be taken with our social distancing our thoughts may turn to painting and drawing with others. If I can share a meal with someone surely I can share a studio?

Some art schools are beginning to run courses, goodness knows what will happen if they don’t, we all need to earn a crust. Our position is that we’re still pausing on our physical drop-in groups and tutored groups but getting excited about the idea of getting at least a few people back in the studio in the next few weeks.

However, David Sawyer is running drop-in landscape painting groups at locations around London. When the weather is good it is a wonderful way of spending a morning. You’re out in the elements, the air soothes your skin, the whispering trees speak softly to you, the turf springs beneath your feet. Most importantly you are in awe of Summer’s greatest gift, light. It plays before you showing you colours and shapes that speak to your heart, and then you are painting: that.

If you are getting cabin fever as an artist it is strongly recommended, at the very least it will bring a new perspective to your work. Rather like short pose life-drawing, our hand is forced through time constraints and through those quick decisions we learn so much.

If you don’t have the kit just let David know and he’ll bring some along for you to have a go.


Rizwan Pradwhan’s painting of the lake in Beddington Park.

David Says
Plans for this week:
Tuesday if weather is ok I’m taking up Jane G’s idea of painting in Beckenham Place Park, there’s a lake & a rather impressive Palladian house, also a cafe & toilets
Friday morning it’s back to Ruskin Park, maybe have another go at painting the pond or check out the Labyrinth garden which should be looking good in high summer
Hope to see you all next week

If you are interested in painting along with David the Cost is £35 per session, which lasts approximately three hours. We use our Pleinairists Whatsapp Group to coordinate.

These are small groups where social distancing is maintained throughout.

Sign up here

Tuesday Drop-in Short Pose Life Drawing 2.00pm-5.00pm on Zoom

Roz is up from the country to do the short poses this week, expect grace. As ever we start each hour with very short poses which extend in length until we end with a ten minute pose.

You can choose to join us for one, two or three hours and as we’re still rolling this out the charge will only be £2.50 per hour. To get the special price use the discount code PESTE1 at final check out when purchasing the session.

Click here to book

Wednesday Drop-in Long Pose Life Drawing 10.00am-1.00pm on Zoom

Hannah is a Laban dance student who worked with us last year but unless you were on our intermediate drawing course you will not have seen her. She has fair skin and strawberry blond hair.

Please book here

The session fee will be reduced to £10 if you use the discount code PESTE2 at final checkout.

Wednesday Drop-in Portraiture 2.00pm-5.00pm on Zoom

Ed Simkin’s rather fine oil pastel of Marcus from last week. Ed works fast, this was one of several works.

The second week with Marcus as our portrait model. Marcus is sporting, what I believe is called, a short circle beard which arguably makes him look even more distinguished.

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The session fee will be reduced to £10 if you use the discount code PESTE2 at final checkout.

Saturday Drop-in Long Pose Life Drawing 10.00am-1.00pm on Zoom

The second week of Holly in a seated pose, side on, with her body making an ‘S’ curve. Above is a portrait view of the pose by Stuart Fairlamb. Holly has tanned legs and arms whilst the rest of her is not, a state of affairs exploited by some artists to great effect.

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The session fee will be reduced to £10 if you use the discount code PESTE2 at final checkout.